Meet the Ninjas

Kelly Mogk wears many hats, in fact, she's quite the fan of a good hat. But that's beside the point. She fell into the wide world of education in 1999. Her first years were spent as teacher and director to a small private school in a tiny Texas town. In 2007, she re-entered the classroom as a Fourth Grade teacher in the public school setting. These days, she spends her time in the classroom teaching fourth graders reading, writing, and social studies. She attributes much of her growth as an educator to her involvement with the North Star of Texas Writing Project, her ever-developing PLN on twitter, and Jenny Smalley. Outside the classroom, she can be found spending time with her husband, wrangling their gaggle of children, juggling several stacks of books, and writing whenever she has a spare moment.

Jenny Smalley is a wife and mother to three boys and a brat. She entered the classroom as an educator in 2003, but has been reading since preK (because that's how she rolls). She's a dangerous friend to take into a book store, but a go-to person for reading recommendations.  Her goal is to share her love of reading with kids, hooking them into a lifetime of book love at an early age. She can often be found surrounded by fourth graders, book in hand. Her teaching focuses on combining the best practices in current brain research with the literacy principals of master teachers such as Donalyn Miller, Nancy Atwell, and  Penny Kittle.

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